Curtain Washing

With your True Selectâ„¢ range of curtains and furnishings from the house of Sanjee’s Balan & Associates, you can always avail add-on services like Curtain Washing and Drying to ensure your curtains looks as good as new, year after year. Call us today to enquire about this hastle-free service and its affordable rates.

Commercial washers are high capacity washing machines. These washers and dryers are large and resilient because their heavy duty designs are created to endure a lot of wear.

A major advantage of commercial washers is the absence of the machine agitator found inside conventional, house hold top load or frond load washing machines. Agitator-free commercial washers allow for more laundry capacity inside the machine and permit items to wash evenly. Delicate clothing is cleaned gently, and entanglement or tearing of fabrics is less likely to occur. Heavier items such as curtains also wash freely without being confined to the bottom of the wash as in top load agitating washing machines.

Following are the pictures of our Industrial Grade Hi-Tech Washers, Tumble Dryers and Hydro Extractors.